Cabbagetown, Toronto

Cabbagetown, Toronto Real Estate

Cabbagetown is a neighbourhood located in central Toronto, Ontario Canada. It is part of the Cabbagetown South St. Jamestown neighbourhood. The neighbourhood got its name from the large number of cabbages planted there by Scottish and Irish immigrants in the early 1840s.

The neighbourhood features many Victorian-era homes, which were once occupied by Toronto’s elite. Today, Cabbagetown is a diverse and vibrant community, home to a wide variety of people and businesses.

Homes for sale in Cabbagetown, Toronto

Many buildings in Cabbagetown are large apartment buildings. However, there are small townhouses and apartment buildings as well. The majority of the homes in this area are one- and two-bedroom houses. Cabbagetown is home to approximately 55% of its properties, with the remainder occupied by their owners. The area has not experienced a single building boom. Instead, the construction of new homes in Cabbagetown took place over multiple decades during the 20th and 21st centuries.

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Cabbagetown, a Toronto neighbourhood, Ontario.


Cabbagetown doesn’t require you to drive as there are many other modes of transportation. It is easy to get around the area by public transit, thanks to a few bus lines nearby. Cabbagetown is also great for people who prefer to travel on foot. Most daily tasks can be completed without the need to use a vehicle and there are many businesses nearby. Cabbagetown’s bicycling friendly nature will please owners of physically active properties. A bike share station is often located within close proximity of Cabbagetown’s cycling infrastructure.


From any Cabbagetown location, it is only a short walk to reach schools and daycares. It is easy to walk to both a grocery store and specialty grocery store from any Cabbagetown home. This area also has a number of restaurants and cafes that make it a great spot to eat out. You can also find a great selection of clothing stores within walking distance on Parliament Street.


Cabbagetown is an “all-purposes” area in Toronto’s atmosphere. Cabbagetown has a low level of traffic noise, which makes it relatively quiet. Cabbagetown is home to a lot of greenery, as it has many tree-lined streets. Riverdale Park is one of the few green spaces that residents can find nearby. They are also well-located so they are easy to reach from many locations throughout the city. There are many things to do in the area. There are many entertainment options, including bars and restaurants, within walking distance. For those who love to go out, main streets like Carlton Street are great.

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