Kensington Market, Toronto

Kensington Market, Toronto Real Estate

Kensington Market is a bohemian neighborhood that attracts artists and tourists. It has vintage boutiques, indie shops and art spaces. There are many specialty grocers, bakeries, and cheese shops in the Market. Hipsters love to frequent cafes, bars, and international restaurants offering fine dining. Victorian homes are populated by students and their families along tree-lined streets.

Homes for sale in Kensington Market, Toronto

Housing Two thirds of residents in this area rent their homes, while the remainder are homeowners. The most common type of housing in this area is small apartment buildings, which make up roughly half the buildings. However, large apartment buildings and townhouses can also be found in the housing stock. This area was built during the most important construction boom in the 1960s. You will find a wide range of housing options in this area of Toronto, from lofts to homes with four bedrooms.

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Kensington is a great place to find eco-friendly transportation options. A few bus lines are close by, making Kensington a good choice for eco-friendly transportation options. The area is great for active people because it’s easy to walk everywhere. There are many businesses nearby and all your daily errands can also be done on foot. Bike riders will find Kensington a very pleasant area of Toronto. There are many bike-sharing stations nearby.


Walking from any part of the city to either a general or specialty grocery store is a great way to reach them both. This area also has over 100 restaurants and 20 cafes so it is a great place to eat. Many clothing shops are located nearby, such as Spadina Avenue. It is only a short walk from most homes for sale in this area to reach daycares and schools. There are both private and public schools at the primary level.


Kensington is an excellent area for home-buyers who love both outdoor and indoor activities. This area is great for finding things to do. There are many entertainment options nearby. The area is also home to many places to go out at night. There are many bars on Dundas Street. Residents will also find that the area is lacking in greenery. In fact, most streets are covered with very little trees. However, there are many public green spaces nearby that residents can relax in. They are also well-located, making them easy to reach from all locations in Kensington.

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