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Why Malton, Mississauga Real Estate?

Housing Two-thirds of the residents of this neighborhood have their own homes while renters comprise the remaining. In this area of Mississauga approximately 40% of the homes are apartments in small sizes and the remaining homes comprise mostly houses that are duplexes or single detached houses and townhouses. The area saw its largest growth in construction between 60 and 80, which is why the majority of housing available originates from that time. The neighborhood is comprised mainly of homes with four or more bedrooms and three bedroom houses.

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Malton Real Estate Stats

There is a lot to know about Malton real estate, but understanding the average cost of living and housing can give you a good idea. In this post, we explore housing prices in Mississauga and what they mean for your family. Malton has an average house list of $1,040,000 according to current Mississauga Real Estate Board Data which is 25% lower than other neighbourhoods in Mississauga.
If you’re looking for a home but don’t want to pay 25% more than you need to, come and search through the many homes available in Malton. We’ve analyzed the listing prices of condos in Malton and found that the average listing price is $664,000.

The closest neighbourhoods of Malton, there are 3 well-known neighborhoods: Rathwood, Applewood and Hurontario. Of these three, Applewood has an average property value at $1 million while Hurontario is the cheapest at $950K.

Malton is a neighbourhood in the northeastern part of the city of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, located to the northwest of Toronto.


Malton lets home buyers get around with various modes of transport. The city is particularly car-friendly. It’s a quick drive to the nearest highway like Highway 427 and from anywhere within Malton and it’s easy to find parking spots. Malton is also transport-friendly. The neighborhood is served by around 10 bus lines. Additionally, buses are usually located nearby. Cycling is simple in Malton because the infrastructure for cycling is decent. Many houses available to be sold in this region in the town are in areas that aren’t ideal for people who are walking because doing day-to-day chores can be sometimes difficult.


It’s easy to find the nearest supermarket on foot through this area of Mississauga. Airport Road is among the most popular streets for food shops. Residents can enjoy more than 50 cafes and restaurants in addition. Additionally, it’s an easy walk to a wide selection of stores for clothing. In terms of education people will be pleased with the accessibility to both secondary and primary schools that are within walking distance to the majority of houses for purchase in Malton. Apart from private schools, Malton has also private primary or secondary institutions. However, it may be difficult to walk to daycares from homes that are available for sale in this neighborhood.


Malton is a peaceful and tranquil setting and is an ideal choice for those who love taking a walk in the fresh air. There are approximately 20 parks nearby for residents to explore such as Claireville Conservation Area and Victory Park which makes it easy to access the parks. The area around Mississauga is also peaceful, because there’s not a lot of city or street noise, but it can be a problem close to Highway 427 and the railway line.

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What is power of sale in Real Estate?

Many people who buy houses often are interested in a ‘power of sale’ opportunity when they buy property. This Guide aims to reveal the truth about this kind of purchase.

In a power of sale transaction, usually a bank takes control of an abandoned house or foreclosed home since the person that owns it owes money on it. They then try to sell it for what they think is its best worth price and pay off any other debts incurred before sending anything left back to the person they took the house from in an attempt to give them some sorta profit. If there isn’t enough profit made, then they drop prices over time until it sells- something banks just don’t want responsibility for owning property themselves which can lead to lots of complicated logistics like with repossession processes etc.

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