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Liberty Village is buzzing with Gen Z and millennial energy. On game nights, when one of the local teams (Toronto Wolfpack or Toronto FC), takes to the pitch, bars, pubs and restaurants buzz with energy. Liberty Village is also a creative corridor with agencies, production facilities and tech companies operating out of converted warehouses.

Homes for sale in Liberty Village, Toronto

The majority of Liberty Village's housing growth has occurred since 2000. The majority of the dwellings in this area of Toronto are large apartment buildings. However, there are still a few small apartments. About equal is the split between renters and homeowners. This area has a higher number of one-bedroom homes.

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You can find Liberty Village in Toronto, Ontario.


Liberty Village is easy to navigate, regardless of your mode of transport. There are a few bus lines that run through the neighborhood, which makes it easy to use public transit. It is easy to travel by foot in this area, as all your daily errands can easily be done without a car. There are also many businesses nearby. Liberty Village is a great place to ride a bike, as there are often stations that allow you to share your bicycle.


This area of Toronto is a great place to buy groceries, both general and specialty. This area is home to over 50 restaurants as well as a handful of coffee shops. Many clothing shops are within walking distance of home buyers. Families will find daycares and primary schools close to their homes. Liberty Village, however, does not have high schools.


Liberty Village has many experiences to offer those who love a lively atmosphere and spend time outside. This area of Toronto is full of vibrant streets. The area is home to many entertainment options. There are many bars and restaurants nearby, as well as numerous nightlife options. Although the greenery isn’t very prominent in this area of Toronto, it is easy to find them.

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