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Mississauga Valleys was a planned subdivision constructed in the early 1980s. It was somewhat unique in that it was built around a central ring road designed to connect the entire neighbourhood. However, the housing was not built to be uniform as the west side of Mississauga Valleys contains high-rise, “tower-in-the-park” apartment blocks while the east side contains predominantly single family homes.

The inconsistency in housing types is due to the fact that the land on which Mississauga Valleys was built was previously used for farming. As a result, the land on the east side of Mississauga Valleys is comprised of flat, open fields while the land on the west side is hilly and more difficult to build on. Consequently, the decision was made to build high-rise apartments on the west side and single family homes on the east side.

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Despite the fact that Mississauga Valleys was not built to be a uniform neighbourhood, it has nonetheless become a popular place to live. The central ring road makes it easy for residents to get around and there are plenty of green spaces and parks for people to enjoy. If you’re looking for a neighbourhood with a bit of character, Mississauga Valleys is definitely worth considering.

Mississauga Valleys is a unique neighbourhood in Toronto that is worth considering if you’re looking for somewhere to live. The fact that it was built around a central ring road makes it very convenient for residents and the mixture of high-rise apartments and single family homes gives the neighbourhood a lot of character.

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