Access to the Latest Pre Construction Projects

While there are several enticing advantages to buying into a preconstruction project or new construction
property, finding the best ones by reputable builders/developers and in great locations can be a significant challenge. These properties are not easily available to everyone as they tend to sell out fast long before information about the sales get to the general public. There are also costly but avoidable risks attached to such purchases. This makes it necessary for first-time buyers and even seasoned investors to have a pro Realtor on their side who has extensive knowledge of the preconstruction market in the locations they (the buyer) desires.
In Canada, Team Arora is one of the leading, trusted, and experienced experts in the preconstruction industry. Our team is especially dedicated to helping clients find attractive preconstruction properties in various parts of Brampton, Halton Hills, Mississauga, Caledon, and Greater Toronto. As much as we strive to help you find the right house that matches your budget and must-haves, our brokers further work to help you avoid hidden costs, unfavourable locations, and unreasonable contractual terms that will make your house purchase a nightmare.


What You Gain by Working with Team Arora
When Investing in Preconstruction

Getting Your Property at Fair Market Value

Some of the main attractions of purchasing a real estate property during the construction process are the below-market pricing and deep discounts majorly offered by builders. However, that does not mean these rewards are available to all and sundry. While it is common knowledge that the buyers’ group who usually pay
the lowest are the friends and family’s group, the next two groups are the platinum agents (who have successfully sold homes for the developer in the past) and VIP agents (who registered with the builder for that particular project).


At Team Arora, we have well-established relationships with several top real estate builders in Canada which gives us platinum and VIP access to day-one pricing, coveted floor plans, and other attractive early-stage incentives. Our deep knowledge of the locations we specialize in also ensure we help you negotiate fair prices with developers that would ensure you get the maximum ROI on your purchase.

Front-Of-The Line Access to Upcoming and New Projects

With our insider access, our clients are always ahead in getting information about new preconstruction developments coming up around the five major locations we specialize in. By hiring a Team Arora agent, you will have exclusive access to the lowest pricing available, as well as the best floor plans, free assignments, extended deposit structures, caps on development fees, and right to lease or sublease during the occupancy period.

Expert Advice from Seasoned Professionals

It is very easy for a preconstruction investment or purchase to become a nightmare if you are not in the know about the recent happenings in the industry and the region you want a property in. By not having expert brokers by your side bringing the latest news about the market to you or helping you navigate all expected and unexpected hurdles, you run the risk of picking the wrong developers, projects, location, and even floor plans.

You may also likely overpay or agree to contract conditions that would make the end cost of your purchase costlier than anticipated.

At Team Arora, our intimate knowledge about current and upcoming happenings in the cities we specialize in helps you avoid these pitfalls. Our professionals have longstanding relationships with builders, developers, and other relevant professionals in the Canadian preconstruction market that helps us provide you with the latest info and offer advice on prices, neighbourhoods, appreciation rates, and other investment opportunities in the preconstruction market.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Assignments are an unusual type of real estate transaction where the original buyer (the assignor) allows another buyer (the assignee) to take over the buyer’s rights and obligations of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, before the original buyer closes on the property.

The assignment clause in a real estate contract can be used to assign ownership of a property to another person before closing. The assignment clause will state who (the buyer or his/her representative) may initiate an assignment, how much notice must be given for a change of ownership. To be effective, an assignment must contain parties with legal capacity, consideration, permission, and legality of object.

Buying a pre-construction condo unit has the potential to save you thousands of dollars on your home. When you buy pre-construction, you can purchase your unit at its base price without having to wait for it to be built and then put on the market. There are several other advantages that come with buying a pre-construction condo unit, but we’ll discuss those later in our blog article!

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