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Land Development with Team Arora

With immense land development investment opportunities, it becomes difficult for investors to look out for trustworthy and reliable land development companies in Toronto. Team Arora brings together years of real estate experience covering the entire scope of land development services, from the outset to occupancy.

Our experts are well-positioned to look out for realistic opportunities and limitations for every land development project. They are well-versed with the land development process and possess deep knowledge of the regions in and around Canada.

From preparing a practical as well as actionable site plan to getting approvals from government agencies and budget preparations, we take care of every minute detail to make your land development experience an amazing one.

Land Development with Team Arora

Land Development Services We Offer

Our professional land development services include land survey, authority planning, land use analysis and approval from governmental agencies, site grading, drainage, utility, roadway design, project management, budget preparation, and estimating.

Land Survey

A land survey generally consists of determining current site conditions for forthcoming above-ground and in-ground infrastructure. At Team Arora, we collect topographic data for mapping existing drainage courses, take elevations for footings, invert elevations and diameters of pipe and manholes, inspect buildings for hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, and PCBs, and perform several other services such as checking buried fuel tanks or groundwater contaminants. All in all, our land surveying services are used to establish the exact location of proposed structures, accesses, pipelines, buildings, and other improvements. Our team has experience in understanding the history of soil & water conditions, sensitive areas, habitats, and protected species.

Land Use Analysis

With land use analysis, we classify how the land will be used. Each land use has its attribute that can determine the location, compatibility, and preference to other land uses in an area. After analysis, a land use plan is created. It brings together both the physical development as well as the social aspects of an area. Our team uses land use mapping and related information to analyze the existing development pattern and uses it as a framework for formulating how land will be used in the future.

Authority Planning & Approval from Government Agencies

Permits are necessary for land development. At Team Arora, we do all the research required for the permits and create an estimation for the anticipated costs and timelines. We are very mindful while searching the land and financing raw developments.
We assist you in everything; from inception to construction and inspection, as well as budget preparation and estimating.

Budget Preparation and Estimation

At Team Arora, we understand that building and zoning permits take time. We assist you in preparing you for the “in-between” stages by calculating all the costs involved in the process including loan repayments. Our team is well-versed with professionals who have experience in preparing budget preparations and estimations.

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Our team always strives to develop creative approaches that are appropriate for and specific to your land development project. We incorporate visionary methods with the leading-edge process to arrive at the optimal solution.

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Why Choose Team Arora?

Choosing expert real estate agents is not easy. One needs to consider a lot of factors, such as reputation, experience, pricing, and more while partnering with a real estate agency.
Team Arora is your one-stop for all real estate needs.

Long Term Partnership

With our long-term partnership approach, we assign a dedicated team to your project, thus forming continuity from planning through construction.

Renowned Real Estate Agents

Our expertise in buying and selling homes, condos, pre- construction properties, and land sales have earned us the title of #1 Remax Team in Canada in 2018, as well as several prestigious awards.

Reliable and Stable Team

We offer clients the stability of a firm that has created strong ties with the communities in which we serve. The profundity of our resources confining a multi- disciplined approach allows us to meet all the challenges and specific needs of each project.

Professional & Expert Staff

Our staff is well qualified to determine the realistic development possibilities and limitations for each project, and prepare a site plan based on demonstrated engineering and design principles.

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Whatever you need in a land development project, we can deliver.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Land Development is changing the look of the landscape in numerous ways such as: Changing landforms from natural or semi-natural states to accommodate food or housing, dividing property into pieces, and creating houses.

Developing any real estate project is a complex process, but it’s easy to break it down into three stages: pre-development, construction, and project completion.

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Consult Team Arora and let us guide you through the process so you can finally get started and invest in land development.

Yes! You can still buy land in Canada. However, there are some restrictions based on the province you reside in.

1. Non-residents can only own up to 10 acres in Saskatchewan.
2. Non-residents can only own up to 40 acres in Manitoba.

It is a part of the pre-construction planning stages of any project. The construction survey that involves the overall site conditions such as its health, drainage system, history of soil and water, identifying the groundwater contaminants, and much more.
With land survey services, you can:

  • maximize project startup efficiencies through vast regulatory planning
  • minimize the risk of possible future regulatory enforcement measures
  • provide data that help determine project scope and aids strategic pre-construction planning
  • eliminate costly delays in project schedules
  • Ensure that the title is clear. A land that has liens attached to it can end up coming back and may haunt you for years once you close.
  • If you are planning to buy vacant land in Ontario, consider all the factors like water supply from a local municipality or provincial entity, does the place had freshwater or septic tanks, and what improvements are required for the land.
  • Keep a check on budget estimates and down payments while buying land.

In the land development process, planner seeks to order and regulate land use efficiently and ethically, thus preventing land-use conflicts. Moreover, a land-use plan provides a vision for the future possibilities of development in various districts, cities, or any defined planning area. So people looking for new land development opportunities in Brampton, Mississauga, and Halton Hills, can plan with a land-use planner.

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