By: Parveen Arora

How much is my House Worth?

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Today, we will be discussing how to determine the value of your home. I will also share with you three free methods to do this.

So what is my home worth?

Most people have heard the expression, "A home is worth what someone is willing to pay."
In this article we will be showing you how to determine the value of a property before anyone is willing to purchase it. For example, I have a house that I want to sell, and I don't know how much it is worth until someone buys it.

How can I gain enough insight to determine the home value?

To get into the details, it is essential to know the difference between the real and perceived value of a home. If it's your home and you live there, you will likely feel attached to it. You might also think that your home may be worth more than its actual value. Emotions can get in the way of reality and cause it to be distorted.
However, the perceived value of the home doesn't necessarily reflect the actual home value. You might have done many upgrades to your home, giving it a more appealing appearance. But in reality, these are just the facts. The value of a home goes beyond what the buyer is willing to pay. It also depends on how large the lot is. Its size and square footage. For example, filling your home with more expensive furnishings won't increase the value of your house. For example, if you decide to install a gold toilet into your bathroom because it's your home, you will think that this is my home and my throne area. I spent ten thousand dollars on the project, so this must make my whole house worth ten thousand more.
I have good news for you. I am going to Home Depot to pick up a piece of porcelain for $$$$. While it does not increase the house's value by ten thousand dollars, it will at best increase its perceived value. This will ensure that your home sells faster and fetches top dollar. However, top dollar is still a small amount compared to low dollars.
So How can I get a good idea of what my home may be worth?
There are few ways you can get an idea of your home valuation. I will share them with you in order of importance.
Let's begin with the most important.
This is called a Tax Assessment.
Your local county will do a value assessment on your property. They're going slow because they don't want to push the number too high. All residents are going to get upset because it is the basis of local taxes. Your home may be worth $700000, and your tax assessment might be for $600000. However, this gives you an idea of the basics.
House Insurance Companies
Next, take a look at the insurance that you have on your house. They want to know how much they will have to spend if their house is destroyed by fire and has to be rebuilt. It won't give you a value for your house, but it will tell you the cost of replacing it.
This little bonus content.
The home may be worth more than its replacement value. You're probably in a bubble. Sometimes people want to know if they are at a market bottom. Or a bubble? Bubbles are what? Bubbles burst.  
Comparable Market Analysis
This is the third most powerful method for determining how much your home is worth. It's called a "comparable market analysis". A realtor can access your Multiple Listing Service (MLS) local to you. They can also take homes similar to yours and compare them. This one has one more bedroom, and this one has one fewer bedroom. This lot is slightly larger, has a slightly older home, and is slightly older than the house. You can make adjustments to your home to determine its value so that you can decide what price to list it. These are the things you should be aware of.
Although they don't like to be called dishonest, realtors are generally the trustworthy and valuable group of people. A realtor will also want a commission, which means that they must secure your listing. They will tell you that your house is worth more than it actually is if they are trying to get your listing. They would do this because they believe it is correct. If you're speaking to another realtor, you're likely to prefer the price that seems higher. Sometimes, your realtor will give a little. They aren't lying, I think. They are just trying to get some business. 

It's important to you that you work with honest realtors who are accurate and precise. Because we are doing thousands of houses. There are thousands! This means I cannot afford to work alongside people who exaggerate or use hyperbole. A comparable market analysis will give you the most accurate representation.
How do you find one? First, You can click a link to get in touch with my team. Team Arora will provide a free valuation analysis and game plan to help you determine the value of your home. We can also give you an estimate of how much it is worth to you.  Follow the link to get in touch with me. We will help you with your free Home Evaluation.