6 Things You should consider before Buying a House

6 Things you should consider before buying a house

The most important thing about moving is choosing the right neighborhood. What are the key characteristics to look for when choosing a neighborhood?

You can’t change the location of your home. Make sure it is in the right place.

6 things you should look out for in your neighborhood

1. Safety

Many homebuyers are concerned about the safety of their neighborhood. You should look for a safe neighborhood with a low crime rate.

Take a look at street lighting. Is the area well-lit? Are you considering buying a property near a well-lit area?

Is there a watchdog in your neighborhood? What is the crime rate in the area? Ask residents if they are walking their dog, or mowing their grass.

2. Commute

Consider your commute to and from the home. It’s not just about your commute to work. If you frequently travel, consider your commute to an airport.

Even if your work is remotely, it’s likely that you will be visiting the same places regularly. Perhaps you plan to visit a local physical therapist or take monthly business trips. You can find out what the commute costs to most frequently visited places by doing a quick search.

3. Walking Paths and Community Parks

You can take note of the community parks and walking paths in the area if you have children or dogs. You should look out for good parks, trails, and paths in your neighborhood.

Are the sidewalks in good condition? Are the playgrounds in good shape? Is the house close to trails and parks you enjoy?

4. School District

The school district in which the home is located is one thing you can’t change. This is why it’s important to find a great school district in your neighborhood. Ask your agent to provide information about the school district, including the reputations and test scores of the schools.

Even if your children do not live with you, or you are planning to send them to private school, the school district will be relevant for your resale. It doesn’t have to be a deal breaker. However, it is important to know that a less desirable school district may impact your property value when you refinance or resell.

5. Shopping, Restaurants, and Entertainment

Consider the proximity of shopping, entertainment, and restaurants. Consider the distance between your home and the grocery store. Also, consider whether there are nearby restaurants or coffee shops that you might enjoy.

Is there an event venue nearby? What about nightlife? These may be considered pros or cons, depending on how you live and what level of traffic and noise you enjoy.

6. Medical Facilities

No matter how often you need medical attention, it is important to find quality facilities in your neighborhood. Check out the reputations of nearby hospitals.

You should consider whether primary care providers are available near the property. How close is your home to any specialists if you need them? While many people are happy to commute to see the right provider for their care, it is important that you understand these details before you make your final decision.

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