Here are the top five costly mistakes home buyers make.

Home Buyer mistakes

1. Mistake Uncertain of what they can afford before they make an offer.

The most effective way to prevent this from happening is to apply for pre-approval for a mortgage, which means you know precisely how much you’re able to pay. Pre-approvals typically cost nothing.

2. Uncertain of who the agent represents.

If the agent isn’t acting as your buyer’s agent and represents the seller. Most people aren’t aware of this.

3. Mistake The wrong mortgage to choose.

A poor mortgage could result in tax penalties of thousands and interest. Ask an accountant for advice prior to you decide on the mortgage you want to take out.

4. Mistake Finding no issues with the house prior to buying it.

Always get a professional inspection at the house prior to buying it, as you might end up with enormous repair costs later. Learn this article to avoid the trap of a financial loss.

5. Mistakes Unaware of how their credit will affect their ability to buy or refinance a house.

Find a mortgage expert to guide you through and create your credit report before buying a home.

The most important thing is to hire a trusted and licensed realtor who will assist you throughout the buying process.

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