Why You should Invest in Halton Hills

The Town of Halton Hills makes a great location for real estate investments. MoneySense recently ranked Halton Hills the 10th most desirable place to live in Canada for 2018.

The overall Halton region is experiencing rapid growth. The development of industrial lands in Milton and in other nearby municipalities is moving at a rapid pace. This is creating a lot more demand for Halton Hills to be the next best place for long-term growth and investment. The future residential construction in this municipality will drive more business development to meet the growing population.

Halton Hills is a competitive advantage for new investment and business, due to its proximity to rail, rail, freight and shipping.
Retail trade (4,792 jobs), manufacturing (3914 jobs), accommodation- and food service (1,591 job), education services (1,539 job), and transportation and warehouse (1,119 job).

The strategic location of Halton Hills in the GTA’s north west corner is also worth noting. The GTA is North America’s fourth-largest metropolitan area and fastest growing, as most people know.

The GTA market’s strength, as one of the most important economic regions in the world, allows this town to reap the benefits. Halton Hills realty is an excellent investment when you consider the future growth potential of this municipality in the coming decades.

Halton Hills’ 2016 Census population was over 61,160. This is 3.6% more than the 2011 census. The population estimate for Halton Hills will increase to more than 94,000 people by 2031 and 43,000 jobs by 2031.

According to the 2017 Halton Region Business Conditions Survey, more than 500 business owners and executives surveyed said they were optimistic about their prospects for investing in Halton. Around 36% of business executives intend to invest in future growth, 86% project higher profits for businesses, and 31% plan on hiring more employees. This data shows why Halton Hills and the Halton Hills are a smart investment.

Halton Hills is home to more than 1,400 businesses. The area is home to over 10% of the available jobs in Halton Region. This gives Halton Hills an advantage in the competitive market because it shows that there are still opportunities for growth and development.

Why Halton Hills?

  • Property taxes in Halton Hills are in the top 10 lowest rates in Ontario, so it is very affordable for a vast majority of people.
  • Halton Hills the 10th most desirable place to live in Canada*
  • Businesses near Halton Hills can take advantage of being located just a 40-minute drive from Toronto’s International Airport, 1.5 hours from the United States Border, and having strategically placed Highway access for quick travel across North America.

Average price of Homes and condos in Halton Hills

Halton Hills’ average condo rental rate is $2,100. The 10-year average rental appreciation is 4.7%.

The average condo resale value in Halton Hills was $905,440 in 2019. The 10-year average condo appreciation rate is 8.1%.

Halton Hills’ average square footage price for all types of pre-construction homes is $810. The average pre-construction appreciation rate has been 5.8% over the past 10 years.

Halton Hills Location – Your Gateway to North America.

Halton Hills is located on the doorstep of Canada’s Innovation Corridor, halfway between Toronto and Waterloo. This rapidly growing area is home to many innovative industries that contribute $360 billion annually to the Canadian GDP.

Excellent Access to North America’s Major Markets.

The surrounding transportation options make Halton Hills an ideal starting point when looking to expand into Canada or the United States. Air, rail freight, shipping, and highways are all available within close proximity – perfect for those who need easy access to major markets across North and South America.

A combination of urban and rural features Make Halton Hills an ideal place for people who want a smaller town experience while living near one of the fastest growing cities in North America. Located just east of Toronto, it provides easy access to some major US cities such as New York City, Boston and Chicago – each with their own distinct cultures, economies and attractions.

Demographics of Halton Hills

Halton Hills is an increasingly thriving municipality thanks to its prosperous economy and prime location for families looking for a safe place to live.

With a population of over 64,000 people, Halton Hills has seen an increase in residents of almost 10% since 2011. The population is projected to grow by an additional 9.5%, reaching 70,000 people total by 2025.

Halton Hills is home to over 21,000 households who earn an average annual income of just under $140,000 – this is nearly 33% higher than the provincial median.

Home to over 1,400 businesses and with over 23,000 jobs present in the area at one time or another – Halton Hills is becoming more than just an up-and-coming suburb. Various multinational corporations have chosen this locale as their head office location due to its prestigious reputation thus making it a prime destination for many Ontarians seeking employment opportunities.

75% of Halton Region residents have attended some form of post-secondary school, while 20% of these people possess an undergraduate degree in a STEM field.

Labour Market Halton Hills

The Halton Region can boast having the best educated workforce in all of Canada, and it boasts a population of over four million people just waiting for someone like you to come along and open up shop.

Halton Hills has an abundance of talented people – this town is also rich with opportunity. Home to over 27,000 jobs today and projected to grow to 42,000 jobs by 2031, this small town has the potential for such growth thanks in part to its location on Canada’s Innovation Corridor. Situated midway between Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo at the centre of one of North America’s most densely populated metropolitan areas – Halton Hills’ businesses can rely on having access to skilled labour from all across Canada. With 20% of Halton Region residents holding a diploma in a science, technology engineering or math (STEM) field and 75% of Halton Region Residents possessing post-secondary education – there are countless opportunities for individuals looking for internships, coops and scholarships across this region.

A World-Class Education System.

Ontario’s exceptional education system provides businesses with an extensive talent pool of highly skilled academic and applied graduates. These job-ready graduates excel in industry-academic partnerships, stemming from Ontario academic institutions’ commitment to offer work-integrated learning and co-operative education programs.

A Welcoming Approach to Immigration.

With modern-day policies and programs that welcome skilled workers from around the world, Canadian companies are able to broaden their talent pool through multicultural, multilingual, global connections. The government of Canada offers a variety of immigration programs for those looking to settle down in Canada. This friendly approach to immigration helps businesses expand quickly and hire new members without too much fuss or waiting time – approximately 100,000 people immigrate each year within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), which has over 51% foreign-born residents who speak 180 different languages or dialects among them.

Quality of Life Halton Hills

Halton Hills was made just for people who want a quality of life that is unmatched. They attract businesses, families and high-quality workers because they offer something others don’t.

The Perfect Balance between Urban and Rural Living in a Community

Halton Hills, home to 64,000 people, strikes the right balance between urban living and rural living. It is close to Toronto, Canada’s biggest city, yet it has a small-town feel. Halton Hills is a top-rated place to live in Canada thanks to its exceptional network of trails for cycling and hiking, as well as a vibrant arts and culture sector.

Halton Hills has a number of positive socio-demographic features, such as a growing local employment base and low unemployment rates. It also has a high education level and young population.

The Town of Halton Hills, with its stunning countryside, natural heritage, and small-town feel is a vibrant community that will see a nearly 10% increase in population between 2025 and 2025. Investors have the opportunity to profit from the rising commercial demand to support new residents.

There are many trails, green spaces and unique visitor experiences available

Halton Hills is an attractive place to live. It consistently ranks high in comparisons of Canadian communities on the basis of livability and affordability. It offers safe neighborhoods, a variety of green spaces and nature trails, unique agritourism and shopping experiences as well as interesting heritage sites. There is also easy access to the rest the Greater Toronto Area.

A vibrant arts and culture sector

Halton Hills’ arts and culture sector is vibrant. There are many musical, artistic, and theatrical groups that offer a variety of cultural entertainment options. Numerous festivals and events are a part of the local tourism industry. The Town recognizes that tourism, arts, and culture are important components of the quality of life as well as key elements to its growing economy.

Climate Change Action Share Halton Hills has been a leader in sustainability and climate change action. Through a wide range of community and corporate actions, the Town is committed to reaching a net zero target by 2030.

Commitment to Net-Zero Emissions

The Town of Halton Hills’ Council made a commitment to take action in 2019 to reach a net zero target by 2030. A wide range of community- and corporate-wide actions is being taken to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG), emissions by adaption and mitigation. Halton Hills adopted a Low Carbon Resilience Framework to achieve tangible results.

Already, the Town has made significant progress towards its goals. These include installing solar panels on its institutional buildings, introducing low-carbon geothermal to its municipal buildings, and adopting a transit service strategy that will require the Town of Halton Hills, Town of Halton Hills, to examine the possibility of purchasing zero-emission vehicles for future expansions. Every municipal decision is subject to a low-carbon/no-carbon filter test.

There are many Climate change projects underway

Halton Hills is a leader in climate action and has a number of projects that are underway to help it achieve its climate goals. These include a Low-Carbon Transition Strategy and Green Development Standards. The Economic Development and Tourism Strategy and the Foreign Direct Investment Strategy (FDI) Strategy. All of these have a focus on climate and the green economy stemming from the Town’s Strategic Plan and Official Plan.

The Halton Hills Community Sustainability Strategy, which was approved by Council, is a long-term strategy that aims to integrate sustainability in the Town’s daily decision-making, plans and policies. This approach includes long-term investments in geothermal, advanced heat recovery and renewable energy systems that reduce natural gas consumption and related emissions.

Halton Hills has received 14 sustainability awards to date and has more than 600 Green Buildings certified. To reach its goal of zero carbon emissions by 2030, the Town will continue to promote clean energy, energy efficiency, and low-carbon mobility in the community.


Should I invest in the town of Halton Hills?

Yes, Halton Hills will be a booming town by 2031. In less than ten years’ time, we’ll have seen 94,000 people move in and 43,000 new jobs open up – this is much different from other regions because there are so many opportunities still available for growth here. What really attracts people here are the economic advantages of living in this region such as access to major transportation routes right outside their doorsteps or near where they work- plus being close enough to Toronto without having all the congestion while having big city services at your fingertips. Plus, you can purchase property cheaply because there are plenty available options!

Is Halton Hills a safe place to live?

Residents and investors are sure to be happy about the safety statistics for Halton Hills. According to StatsCan, it has some of the lowest crime rates and index crimes when it comes to major regions and municipalities. MoneySense also ranks it as one of the best places to live in Canada- coming at number 10 out of all Canadian cities. This makes it safe while also being an amazing place to call home.

What is the average income for Halton Hills households?

In 2016, the average annual salary in Halton Hills was 106,349 dollars. The majority of residents work in retail trade (14%), manufacturing (14%) and education services (9%).

What is the average home price in Halton Hills, Ontario?

According to the latest data from Halton Hills’ MLS©, the average listing price of homes in this area is $1,976,000. The typical home is listed for sale 14 days and has a 98.9% sales-to-listing ratio.

How much does a detached house cost in Halton Hills?

According to current Halton Hills MLS© data, the average detached house currently on the market for sale in Halton Hills, ON is listed at $2,067,000. Detached houses stay on the market an average of 13 days.

How much do condos typically cost in Halton Hills?

According to current Halton Hills MLS© data, the average condo listed in Halton Hills had an asking price of $775,000 at last check. In Halton Hills, the average asking price for a 2-bedroom condo was $908,000 at last check.

What are the cheapest neighbourhoods to buy a home in Halton Hills?

The cheapest neighbourhoods to buy a home in Halton Hills include Acton, Georgetown, Rural Halton Hills and Limehouse. Acton is the most affordable neighbourhood in Halton Hills with an average home price of $1,182,000.

What are the nearest cities to Halton Hills, ON?

The closest communities near Halton Hills are Rockwood, Guelph-eramosa, Erin and Milton. Out of these neighbouring communities, Erin has the highest average home prices at $2,068,000 while Milton offers an average house price that’s more within reach at just over $1.5 million.

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