Top 10 Schools in Halton Hills

When you’re thinking about making a big move to your home, think of your children.

Moving is difficult for your children. Make sure they are as comfortable as possible in their new home.

It can be so easy to find great schools in Halton Hills.

You can also search for the ideal school for your child.

You will need to ensure that the school you choose is in your area.

These websites will assist you in locating the closest schools to your desired location.

Schools in Halton Hills

Halton Hills is home to some of the most prestigious schools in Southern Ontario.

Many schools are located in residential areas. Some have alumni who have travelled to outer space.

Below are some of the top schools in Halton Hills.

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Schools in Halton District School Board work diligently to make sure students are getting the best education possible, focusing on math, reading and writing. Each school has a ranking system out of 10 for how well it does this job; Halton Hills main schools rank between 5-6.

1. Limehouse Public School


11139 22 Side Rd
Limehouse, L0P 1H0
Phone: 905-873-6354
Fax: 905-873-7334

School Website

2. Holy Cross Catholic Elementary School

222 Maple Ave
Halton Hills ON, L7G 1X2
Phone: 905-877-4451

3. Ethel Gardiner Public School

14365 Danby Road
Halton Hills ON, L7G 6L8
Phone: 905-877-3849

4. ÉÉC Du Sacré-Coeur-Georgetown

34 Miller promenade
Halton Hills ON, L7G 5P7
Phone: 905-873-0510

Christ The King Catholic Secondary School

161 Guelph Street
Halton Hills ON, L7G 4A1

Stewarttown Middle School

13068 15 Side Rd RR 2
Halton Hills ON, L7G 4S5
Phone Number: 905-873-1637

St. Joseph (Acton) Catholic Elementary School

147 Mill Street
Halton Hills ON, L7J 1G7
Phone Number: 519-853-3730

Pineview Public School

13074 5 Side Rd RR 2, Halton Hills ON, L7G 4S5
Phone Number: 905-877-4363

Joseph Gibbons Public School

41 Moore Park Cres
Halton Hills ON, L7G 2T3
Phone Number: 905-877-4653

George Kennedy Public School

75 Weber Dr
Halton Hills ON, L7G 1C5
Phone Number: 905-877-4381


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