Top 10 Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in Toronto for Your Next Home

Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in Toronto

Are you searching for the perfect family-friendly neighborhood in Toronto to settle down? Look no further than our list of top ten areas, each offering something unique and special that is sure to make your home feel warm and welcoming. Explore these neighborhoods today–you won’t be disappointed!

Are you feeling overwhelmed as you try to find the perfect Toronto neighborhood for your family’s needs? Exhausted by endless online searches and comparisons of various areas?

Let us help make that process a breeze! Stop your search right here!

The burden of finding the perfect family-friendly area in Toronto has been lifted – we have identified the top 10 neighborhoods that offer only the best: convenient amenities, plenty of greenery and parks, world-class educational institutions plus more. For an added convenience, we’ve included a detailed listing of December 2022’s prices for semi-detached homes, detached houses and condo apartments within each neighborhood.

In addition to finding the ideal neighborhood for your family, you can also gain insight into what prices will look like. However, these sought-after neighbourhoods are in high demand so don’t hesitate too long or else they could be snatched up! Act fast and start making moves today!

In order to furnish families exploring a move to Toronto with an efficient guide, we have carefully measured essential criteria such as housing safety, public transportation access, health services availability and quality of entertainment, shopping options diversity in the local community and education/employment opportunities. Our goal is to offer an accurate ranking system that can help you make the right decision for your family’s future.

As families prioritize their children’s education, the quality of nearby schools is an essential factor to consider when choosing a neighborhood. If you’re looking for details on Toronto’s top-rated high schools, our blog post covers the 10 best establishments in the area!

Are you looking for a budget-friendly option, an area with quality schools in close proximity, or simply somewhere to call home? We’ve got it all! Uncover our

Top 10 neighborhoods in Toronto and explore the city’s hidden gems

Discover how we rated each neighborhood so that you are able to make an informed decision about your next home.


If you’re searching for an accessible and pocket-friendly detached home close to downtown, Rockcliffe-Smythe should be your go-to neighbourhood. The area is remarkably well connected with direct access to the St. Clair streetcar line that cuts through town – a major plus! If you’re in search of a family-friendly home with parking and outdoor space, look no further than this neighbourhood. Ranked sixth on Airbnb’s “Hottest Neighbourhoods of the World” list in 2017, it is renowned for its tranquil residential streets as well as vast patches of greenery across the Black Creek Valley. This one-of-a kind spot offers an exceptional combination that simply can’t be beaten!


Nestled just east of the Don River, Riverdale is Toronto’s largest and most idyllic neighborhood. With its lush green spaces (Riverdale Park) and tranquil streets, it has become a favorite among homeowners who appreciate both traditional architecture such as brick houses with contemporary twists. It truly offers something for everyone! If you’re looking for a neighbourhood with excellent schools, great food and convenience, this is the place to be. Withrow Avenue Junior Public School and Montcrest school are within walking distance from Danforth while Riverdale Collegiate Institute high school lies on the east end of town. Head over to Chinatown where fresh produce abounds and enjoy some delicious authentic Chinese cuisine!


Once proclaimed by the New York Times as Canada’s “Williamsburg”, Leslieville has shifted from a traditional neighbourhood to an alluring, hip destination for young couples and families. This local urban haven is now flooded with artisanal coffee houses, chic cafes and various retail stores – enticing visitors of all ages to experience its unique yet small-town vibe!Leslieville is a vibrant neighbourhood dotted with mid-rise condos and apartments, townhouses, and older detached properties. With easy access to downtown Toronto via Line 2 of the Bloor-Danforth subway line, it’s no surprise that Leslieville has earned its title as one of the city’s premier hotspots for film makers, artists and designers! This area was historically known as Toronto’s Film District – so you can expect plenty of creative energy wherever you go in this remarkable corner of the city.

Leslieville Real Estate

In Leslieville, apartments are the most common type of housing but there is also a great selection of detached and semi-detached single family homes and row houses. Single-family detached home prices in this area boast an average price tag that is much higher than Toronto’s overall average for such properties: $958,109 compared to $730,472. So if you’re looking for a warm welcome and alluring affordability when it comes to buying real estate– look no further!

Leslieville is a growing community with 25,642 individuals living there. Of those residents, 12% are families, 40% couples and 48% single people. Folks in Leslieville have an average annual income of $68,813 – on par with the city average – and 68% hold a university or college degree!

Danforth Village

Danforth Village is an up-and-coming neighbourhood famed for its Greek restaurants, fresh markets and charming front porches. It’s the perfect spot for first-time buyers seeking a great deal on their dream home near downtown Toronto! Despite being considered “affordable” over the past few years, Danforth Village has seen plenty of transformations that still make it quite attractive to potential homeowners looking to get more out of their purchase.

The neighbourhood presents a wonderful array of recreational activities near your doorstep, including The Danforth/Coxwell Public Library and Monarch Park. Residents can take advantage of the convenience provided by public transportation options such as the TTC Bloor-Danforth Line or the Danforth GO Station. With its tranquil streets and tight-knit community, this locality not only offers you a quaint village feeling but also provides access to all big city amenities alike.

Bloor West Village

This vibrant neighborhood is known for its bustling main street, full of shops, restaurants and bars. Known as one of the best family-friendly neighborhoods in Toronto, it has plenty to offer residents, including easy access to transit and bike routes. With excellent schools, parks and community centers nearby it’s perfect for your growing family.

The Beaches

Rich with local culture, this area is known as one of the most laid back neighborhoods in Toronto. It offers peaceful tree-lined streets, a Family Resource Centre and great access to clean beaches and parks. With plenty of green space nearby, it’s ideal for those looking for a tranquil environment for their family.

West Queen West

For the creative family, this hip neighborhood is sure to be a hit. With plenty of trendy shops and cafes, as well as access to art galleries and other cultural attractions, you can’t go wrong with this vibrant area. The streets are filled with local artists and musicians so your kids will never be bored!

Lawrence Park

This wealthy neighborhood boasts some of the best public schools in Toronto, making it an excellent option for families looking for top-notch education options. With wide open green spaces, parks and plenty of trails to explore, it makes an ideal place to raise children who love being outdoors.


A charming area in the east-end of Toronto, this neighborhood is known for its well-preserved Victorian homes and gardens. It offers plenty of family-friendly activities, from art galleries to farmer’s markets and music festivals.

The Annex

Located close to downtown, this lively neighborhood has easy access to great shopping, restaurants and entertainment spots. With a Family Resource Centre as well as an abundance of parks nearby, it’s perfect for those looking for a vibrant atmosphere without compromising on safety or convenience.

High Park

This leafy green area is perfect for families who love the outdoors! It boasts Canada’s largest public park with plenty of walking paths, playgrounds and recreational activities. The area is also home to the High Park Family Resource Centre, offering a range of programs and services for families with children.


This upscale neighborhood has long been considered one of the most desirable places to live in Toronto. Enjoy tree-lined streets lined with renovated Victorian homes, as well as plenty of green spaces nearby that are perfect for family picnics on sunny days!


Located in midtown Toronto, this residential area offers plenty of shopping and dining options, while still providing a friendly small-town atmosphere. With excellent access to public transportation and great schools nearby it’s an ideal option for those looking for convenience without sacrificing community spirit.

Little Italy

This vibrant neighborhood is bustling with Italian culture and plenty of family-friendly activities to enjoy together. From pizza shops to gelato stands, outdoor markets and lively festivals, there’s something here for everyone! It also has a Family Resource Centre offering many services for families with children.

No matter what kind of neighborhood you’re looking for, Toronto has something perfect for your family! Whether you’re searching for vibrant city life or quaint suburban charm, these 10 Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in Toronto are sure to fit the bill. Explore each one today and find the perfect home for your next move!

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