What government can do to tackle the housing problem in Canada?

Do you feel like buying a house in Canada has become an unreachable dream? With real estate prices continuing to skyrocket, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disheartened when considering entering the housing market. The good news is that Canada’s government can take measures to tackle the rising cost of real estate, leading to more affordable options for home buyers across the country. In this blog post we will explore what exactly the government can do to reduce costs in Canada’s current housing market and make homeownership a viable option for more Canadians. So if you’ve been dreaming about buying your first home but don’t know where or how to start, then keep reading!

The affordability crisis in Canada’s housing market 

The affordability crisis in Canada’s housing market has been a topic of concern for many. With rising home prices and stagnant wages, many individuals and families find it challenging to own a home. The dream of homeownership is slowly becoming out of reach for the average Canadian. However, this is not just an individual concern, but a nationwide crisis. The increasing cost of homes is not only making it difficult for those looking to purchase a home but is also limiting the economic growth and development of the country. The government needs to take a stand and implement measures to tackle this crisis to ensure all Canadians have access to affordable housing, as it is the right of every citizen to have a safe and secure place to call home.

Suggestions for increasing the supply of affordable housing units

As housing prices continue to skyrocket, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for many people to find affordable places to call home. In order to combat this growing issue, we must take action. One solution is to increase the supply of affordable housing units. Whether it’s through the construction of new buildings or the creation of programs to incentivize landlords to offer affordable rents, we need to prioritize this issue. Affordable housing is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. It’s time for us to come together and find creative solutions to ensure that everyone has access to a safe and affordable place to live.

  • Invest in public housing projects and initiatives

Investing in public housing projects and initiatives is not only a morally sound decision but also a smart financial move. Providing safe and affordable housing to the most vulnerable in our society is crucial for social cohesion and economic growth. Moreover, public housing investments can have a ripple effect on local economies, creating jobs and boosting local businesses. By investing in public housing, we can ensure a better future for all, while also promoting economic stability and growth. Therefore, it is imperative that we prioritize public housing initiatives and take the necessary steps to make them a reality.

  • Increase the development of rental units

Rental properties are essential for individuals and families who are searching for a comfortable place to call home. The demand for rental units has never been higher, and it’s time for real estate developers to take notice. Increasing the development of rental units is not only essential for housing security but also for economic growth. By constructing more rental properties, we are not only providing individuals with an affordable and comfortable place to live, but we are also creating job opportunities and generating revenue for local businesses. Therefore, it is crucial for real estate developers to focus their efforts on expanding the availability of rental units to meet the rising demand.

  • Provide incentives for builders to create more affordable units

It’s no secret that the cost of housing is skyrocketing and causing considerable financial stress for many families. The local government can address this issue by providing incentives for builders to create more affordable units. With the right incentives, builders can be encouraged to take on affordable projects that will provide much-needed housing for low and middle-income individuals. The creation of affordable housing units is not only beneficial for the residents, but it can also increase economic growth in the area. By offering incentives such as tax breaks and subsidies, the local government can help to alleviate the housing crisis while promoting a robust economy. It’s time for action, and these incentives can be the first step toward creating a brighter and more affordable future for all.

Suggestions for improving demand for affordable housing units

It is no secret that affordable housing is in high demand but low supply. As a result, it is crucial to come up with innovative ways to increase the availability of affordable housing units. By endorsing government-backed policies and partnerships between public and private entities, we can make a significant impact on this issue. Additionally, community involvement can play a crucial role in improving demand for affordable housing. Advocacy groups, neighborhood associations, and grassroots organizations can help to educate and inform residents about the importance of affordable housing and its many benefits. By taking a collaborative approach, we can work towards a future where affordable housing is not a privilege but a right for all.

  • Offer tax benefits to lower-income households

Offering tax benefits to lower-income households is not just a compassionate act, but a smart economic move. By providing relief to those who need it most, we can help stimulate local economies and promote social equality. It’s no secret that people who struggle financially often have to make tough choices between basic needs like food, shelter, and healthcare. By reducing their tax burden, we can help these families make ends meet and free up resources to spend on necessities. Furthermore, boosting the purchasing power of lower-income consumers can help local businesses flourish, contributing to both economic growth and job creation. So, let’s not hesitate to offer tax benefits to those who are truly in need. It’s a powerful way to build a stronger, more equal society for all.

  • Create rent assistance programs for low-income individuals and families

It is abundantly clear that low-income families and individuals often struggle to make ends meet, particularly when it comes to housing expenses. Many are forced to choose between putting food on the table and paying for a roof over their heads. As a society, we have a responsibility to assist those in need and ensure that everyone has access to safe and affordable housing. That’s why creating rent assistance programs for low-income individuals and families is not only the right thing to do, it’s also the smart thing to do. By providing targeted support to those who need it most, we can help lift families out of poverty and create a more equitable society for all. Let’s make sure that no one has to choose between shelter and sustenance, and instead provide the support necessary for all individuals and families to thrive.

Paying Advance While Buying a Property? Keep These Things in Mind

Buying a property is a significant investment decision, especially in today’s competitive market. As a businessman, investor, or Canadian homebuyer, it’s crucial to ensure you have a complete understanding of all financial aspects involved in the process. One key area where many buyers often make mistakes is regarding advance payments. This blog post will discuss the importance of understanding various advance payments, such as stamp duty, advance TDS payment, and home loan advance payments, to help make your property buying experience smoother and more secure. 

Stamp Duty: The Tax You Cannot Ignore

Whether you’re buying residential or commercial property, stamp duty is an essential aspect that cannot be overlooked. Stamp duty, a tax paid to the local government or provincial authority, helps legalize and authenticate your property-related documents. Recent news highlights the importance of being aware of any changes in stamp duty rates or exemptions that can impact your property purchase financially. For example, Ontario recently increased its non-resident speculation tax as part of its fight against housing inflation in the province.

Quick tips to consider:

Stay updated on the prevailing stamp duty rates in your province or territory

– Factor in stamp duty amount into your property buying budget

– Consult with a lawyer or accountant to ensure you comply with local regulations

Advance TDS Payment: A Modern Real Estate Tax

As a property buyer in Canada, it’s essential to know about the advance TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) payment, which is becoming more widely prevalent in the real estate industry. Advance TDS payment is a tax deducted by the buyer from the amount payable to the seller, acting as a down payment on the overall tax owed. Notably, any foreign national who buys a property in Canada is subject to paying TDS. Staying informed about advance TDS payments will ensure you avoid penalties and interest.

Home Loan Advance Payment: Plan Your Finances Wisely

When purchasing a property, you may opt for a home loan to finance your investment. It’s important to note that your lender may require you to make an advance payment, also known as a downpayment, which is typically a percentage of the property’s purchase price. Lenders often use this to gauge your financial stability and commitment to repay the loan.

Actionable insights for home loan advance payments:

  • Research the minimum downpayment requirements for various lenders.
  • Consider increasing your downpayment to obtain better loan terms.
  • Use a mortgage calculator to determine your ideal downpayment amount.
  • Conclusion: Equip Yourself with Knowledge for a Secure Purchase.

Understanding and planning for advance payments, such as stamp duty, advance TDS payment, and home loan advance payments, can save you from unexpected financial burdens during your property-buying journey. As a savvy businessman, investor, or Canadian homebuyer, equipping yourself with knowledge about these advance payments will ensure you make well-informed decisions, enhance your financial security, and work towards a property investment that brings long-term returns.

Ready to delve deeper into property investing? Engage further with our content and share it with your network so that others can benefit from these insights and navigate their property purchase with confidence.

How can you buy pre-construction condos in Toronto?

Buying Pre-Construction Condos in Toronto

How To Buy Pre-Construction Condos In Toronto – Today’s pre-construction market is not the same as it was five years ago. This was when almost any investment was a sure win. To make informed decisions about your options, you will need to be educated on the reputation of developers and do a thorough analysis of projected values.

Pre-construction buying can be complicated. I have been in the market for more than 13 years and have represented hundreds upon hundreds of buyers. I understand how daunting this process can be.

This guide is my attempt to help you understand the buying process. I will also explain what you can expect from working with me and my team, as well as how we choose good projects for clients.

Benefits of Buying A Pre-Construction Condo In Toronto

  • Extended Deposit Programs are available for many new projects
  • A VIP/Prestige Broker can help you get in the door first and make money within the first few weeks of the sales process
  • Buy at today’s prices by purchasing strategically and doing the right analysis
  • Clear and well-defined steps are required to buy a home.
  • Your investment will appreciate
  • Condos that are newly built tend to rent for less and sell faster than those that are older.
  • A mortgage is not necessary right away.
  • You have the option of renting or selling your property.
  • The Benefits of Working with a Pre Construction Broker
  • Let’s get the facts straight about VIP and Prestige Brokers.
  • A pre-construction buyer should work with a broker who is familiar with the market.

This applies to any investor, but it is especially important for first-time buyers. It is important to have someone who represents your best interests.

TRB has strong partnerships with many of our representing sales teams and has established relationships with some of the city’s most influential developers. This status allows us to be designated VIP or Prestige.

Working with a broker that is truly VIP is one of the greatest advantages. They get first access to suites once they are released. Their client can purchase at the lowest launch price, which allows them to make the most of their money.

Did you know that the developer covers all fees associated with your condo purchase before construction? A professional is available at no additional cost (only $0.00).

A financial expert broker can help you avoid being caught in a bad deal with bad developments. A pre-construction broker who is experienced will be familiar with assignment clauses, deposit structures and levy caps. These are all important elements that go beyond just signing the contract.

How Pre-Construction Condos Are Sold

The process of selling condos is the same for most developers in the area. To ensure smooth and easy selling of condos, they partner with experienced brokers who have worked with them.

As a Prestige Broker and VIP with some of the top developers in Toronto, I have refined our process to ensure that our clients get the best price, access, and understanding when buying pre-construction in Toronto.

This eBook is a compilation of everything I know, and everything my clients want. It will help you understand the process of buying condos in Toronto that are pre-construction.

This guide is packed with helpful tips and deposit structure examples. It also covers what to do after you have purchased your property and how to get it back to you. This guide will be helpful to anyone, whether you are just beginning to learn about pre-construction.

Click the button below to download. If you have any questions, would like to schedule a time for chat, or would like to discuss any one of our top preconstruction condo projects please get in touch immediately.

A Look at Mississauga’s New Pre-Construction Condos

Mississauga is Canada’s one of the largest cities. It has become a vibrant economic and cultural hub, and It offers a variety of living experiences through its increasing stock of condos and homes.

About Mississauga

Mississauga is surrounded by beautiful Lake Ontario shorelines, home to many waterfront condos and homes. The old village of Port Credit was transformed into a pedestrian-friendly shopping district. The Square One Shopping Centre is located further north on Hurontario Street, the city’s main thoroughfare. It also houses a large number of corporate headquarters. A string of communities along the Credit River to the west provide a family-friendly, lush living environment. In the city’s northwest corner is the former village of Streetsville. There are also several shopping centers and recreational areas scattered throughout the community.

Mississauga Transportation

MiWay is the city’s transit agency and offers a wide range of bus routes. Many use the Mississauga Transitway, which provides increased frequency and reliability. The Transitway runs approximately from Pearson Airport to Winston Churchill Boulevard via Square One. It is served by both GO Transit or MiWay routes. GO offers rail service to the area. The Lakeshore West runs parallel to Lake Ontario and offers high-quality service seven days per week. The Milton Line runs through the city’s centre and western reaches and offers ten round trips on weekdays. As well, the opening of the Hurontario LRT in 2024 provides transit access for those commuting from north to south in Mississauga. There are four major highways – Highway 401, Highway 403, Highway 407 and Highway 410 – all crossing through the Mississauga city.

If you’re looking to buy your first home, but don’t have the money to get into the market right now, it may be worth your while to look into Mississauga’s many pre-construction condo developments. With the right pre-construction condo, you can get into the market early, take advantage of great savings on your monthly mortgage payment, and build equity as the building itself rises around you. Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re considering getting into the Mississauga pre-construction condo market.

1. Lakeview DXE Club Condos

Lakeview DXE Club Condos

Developer: Vandyk Properties
Address: 1345 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga
Nearest Intersection: Lakeshore Rd E & Dixie Rd
Pricing: TBA
Occupancy: TBA
Storeys / Suites: 2 Towers – 8 & 12 Storeys / TBA
Suite Types: One Bedroom – Three Bedroom Suites
Suite Sizes: TBA
Maintenance Fees: TBA
Deposit Structure: ​TBA
Incentives*: Platinum VIP Pricing & Floor Plans, First Access to the Best Availability, Capped Development Levies, Assignment, Property Management & Leasing Services Available, Free Lawyer Review of Your Purchase Agreement, Free Mortgage Arrangements

2. The Vic Condos

The Vic Condos

Introducing The Vic Condos, the newest mid-rise condominiums coming soon to your town. You’ll find everything you need around here in beautiful Downtown Streetsville; with great food, shops and sights all just a few minutes away by car or bus. And when it comes time for higher education – Its right next door to the University of Toronto – Mississauga Campus!

Developer: Forest Green Homes
Address: Tannery St & Queen St S, Mississauga
Pricing: TBA
Occupancy: TBA
Storeys / Suites: 4 Storeys / TBA
Suite Types: One Bedroom – Three Bedroom Suites
Suite Sizes: TBA
Maintenance Fees: TBA
Deposit Structure: TBA
Incentives*: Platinum VIP Pricing & Floor Plans, First Access to the Best Availability, Capped Development Levies, Assignment, Free Leasing & Property Management Services, Free Lawyer Review of Your Purchase Agreement, Free Mortgage Arrangements
Suite Finishes: Laminate Flooring, Stone Kitchen Countertops, Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances and more
Building Amenities: TBA

3. Eleven 11 Clarkson Towns

Eleven 11 Clarkson Towns

Eleven 11 Clarkson Towns new townhomes are coming to Clarkson Village in Mississauga, Ontario. These homes will be right next door to the shops and restaurants of Lakeshore, making it easy for residents to do everything they need without having to leave home!

Developer: Saxon Developments
Address: 1111 Clarkson Rd N, Mississauga
Nearest Intersection: Clarkson Rd N & Lakeshore Rd W
Starting From The Mid $500s
 December 2020
Suite Types: One Bedroom – Three Bedroom Suites
Suite Sizes: 690 sq ft – 1,687 sq ft
Maintenance Fees: Approx. $0.30 / sq ft
Deposit Structure: $10,000 on Signing // 5% Minus $5,000 in 30 Days // 5% in 180 Days // 5% in 300 Days // 5% on Occupancy
Incentives: Platinum VIP Pricing & Floor Plans, First Access to the Best Availability, Capped Development Levies ($5,000 for 1 Bed // $7,500 for 2 Bed // $10,000 for 3 Bed), Free Assignment (Value of $10,000), Property Management & Leasing Services Available, Free Lawyer Review of Your Purchase Agreement, Free Mortgage Arrangements

4. 91 Eglinton Ave East Condos


Introducing a new condo community in the heart of Mississauga- at 91 Eglinton Ave East! Nestled between Hurontario St. and Eglinton Ave., you will never want to leave this condominium townhome block which features 6 towers and 2 buildings all within walking distance from everything that Mississauga has to offer. From major highways, shops and schools- it’s all right around the corner for you at 91 Eglinton Ave East.

Developer: Liberty Developments
Address: 91 Eglinton Avenue East, Mississauga
Nearest Intersection: Eglinton Ave E & Hurontario St
Pricing: Anticipated To Start From The ​High $400’s
Anticipated For 2024
Storeys / Suites: Six Towers – 13, 19, 24, 25, 35, & 37 Storeys / Suites TBA
Suite Types: One Bedroom – Three Bedroom Suites + 3-Storey Townhomes
Suite Sizes: TBA
Deposit Structure: TBA
Incentives: Platinum VIP Pricing & Floor Plans, First Access to the Best Availability, Capped Development Levies, Assignment, Free Lawyer Review of Your Purchase Agreement, Free Mortgage Arrangements, Exclusive 1 Year Free Leasing Services & 1 Year Free Professional Property Management Services*

5.  Kindred Condos

Kindred Condos N

Introducing your next home- a beautiful new condo in Mississauga perfect for anyone who wants to be closer to everything. With Westwood Mall just around the corner, major highways and universities nearby, as well as being situated near other essential amenities; this is a great option for those looking for convenience.

Developer: The Daniels Corporation
Address: 2475 Eglinton Ave W, Mississauga
Nearest Intersection: Eglinton Ave W & Erin Mills Pkwy
Pricing: Starting From $485,900
Occupancy: February 2025
Storeys/Suites: 25-Storeys / TBA 
Suite Types: Studio – Two Bedroom + Den Suites
Suite Sizes: 433 sq ft – 953 sq ft
Maintenance Fees: $0.59/sq ft (Includes Bell Gigabit Fibe 1.5 Internet // Water & Hydro Separately Metered)
Deposit Structure: $7,000 on Signing // 5% Minus $7,000 in 30 Days // 1% in 90 Days // 1% in 120 Days // 1% in 150 Days // 1% in 180 Days // 1% in 210 Days // 5% in 400 Days // 5% on Occupancy
Incentives*: VIP Pricing & First Access to the Best Availability, Capped Development Levies, Free Assignment, Free Lawyer Review of Your Purchase Agreement, Free Mortgage Arrangements, One Parking Unit ($55,000 Value) + One Locker Unit ($3,000 Value for a half-height locker or $5,000 Value for a full-height locker) Available for ONLY $45,800!*, Capped Closing Costs (All One Bedroom + Den & Smaller – $10,000 + HST // All Two Bedroom & Larger – $12,500 + HST)
Suite Finishes: Laminate Flooring, Stone Kitchen Countertops, Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances, Stacked Washer & Dryer
Building Amenities: 24/7 Concierge, Private Roundabout Driveway Entrance, Pet Wash, Co-Working Space, Bookable Boardroom, State-of-the-Art Fitness Centre, Yoga Studio, Party Room, Outdoor Playground with Firepit, Games Room, Outdoor Terrace, Gardening Plots

Mississauga Location

268 Derry Rd W Unit 101, Mississauga, ON L5W 0H6

Brampton Location

2 County Court Blvd #150, Brampton, ON, L6W 3W8

Halton Hills Location

23 Mountainview Rd S, Georgetown, ON L7G 4J8